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Well informed   ➨   More customers and better prices
With our software you can easily give your customer more insight into your products.
This creates trust and bonding with your bakery.

Printing legally correct food labels

Food labelling is easy. Even with the simplest bakery software. It is far more difficult to calculate the correct ingredient declarations that need to be on the labels. Our software can calculate even the most complex declarations, but is at the same time also very simple to use for professional bakers.

Entering orders and customer info

Orders, and the rest of the administrative hassle are very important, even though they are the least fun part of a bakery. Our software makes it easy. Invoicing, baking lists, delivery lists, collective invoices, reminders and electronic invoicing, etc.

Calculating legally correct ingredient declarations (with intelligent error detection)

Recipes are at the core of a bakery. With our software you can easily access them in one place and scale them up to the quantity you need.

Checking the unwanted ingredients results in a list with all the remaining products

Nowadays the consumer is very alert about what they are eating. For some, allergens are very important, for others the e-numbers. With our software they can simply select the ingredients they do not want and our software will give them the list with all the remaining products. This gives the customer confidence in your abilities, and it is a service that most of your competitors cannot offer.