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BakersSoftware.com: By bakers, For bakers
Super fast and easy to operate

We are a software company that is now going global. Our software has been perfected and extended in the Netherlands over many years, and it is now being promoted by the leading bakery organisation in the Netherlands.

Our software is designed as a complete package for small to medium sized bakeries. But it is also well suited for other food producers. It is very easy to use because it follows the logic and working practices of the baker, and it absolutely excels in calculating legally correct ingredient declarations (with intelligent error detection) based on the recipes that the baker uses. Our software is very cheap as it is only €249 per year with a 1 month free trial period than can be extended indefinitely.

We are looking for bakery organisations, outside of the Netherlands, who can assist bakers with our software. Individual bakers are also very welcome.

The software, apart from the delivery part, has already been translated into English. We aim to support many languages in future and are open to suggestions from individual bakers as well as from bakery organisations

We will assist all bakers and organisations free of charge (via Skype) and free licences are available for this start up period.

We suggest that you first download our software and install it, and then contact us via email so that we can then give you an introduction via Skype on the same computer as the one you installed it on.

*We reserve the right to change: prices, specifications and conditions in the future.